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Guide to Endless Road for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Endless Road is, as the name sounds like, an endless driving game for the iOS. It’s one of the few endless games that is done with the old school 16-bit style isometric view, which makes for a unique endless driving experience and for a cool vantage point. Your goal is simply to drive as far as possible in either normal mode, 2x speed mode or insane mode, to collect power ups and coins and to avoid other cars and other obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Endless Road!

The car that you should avoid the most in the game is the police car. If you can avoid a collision with them, they will be harmless, but if you touch them at all, then they will freak out and start following you and ramming you until you hit the next stage of the game. Avoid all cars, but especially avoid them.

Power ups are your key to getting farther in the game; however, be judicious on when you use them, especially the nitro. Use the nitro as you are starting to fall behind, because then it will have the most effect, but you will still have enough distance between you and the beginning of the screen to allow you to avoid collisions.

Avoid the gray chevrons too, because those will slow you down when you hit them. Hit all of the red chevrons that you can, because these are the ones that will speed you up, and when the end of the stage is coming up, always be prepared to go the route that has all of the red chevrons on it, because if you don’t you will be at a disadvantage.

Log into Facebook from the game, too. If you do, you will get 200 free coins. Complete the challenges as quickly as possible, because they are one of the fastest ways to earn coins in the game.