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Hardway: Endless Road Builder – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Hardway is a new endless road-building game for the iOS and Android platforms. Unlike most endless car-related games, where your goal is to drive down pre-set roads, your goal is to build said roads for a car to automatically drive down. You can compete for high scores, earn coins to unlock more cars, and tackle bigger and more difficult challenges as your score builds up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hardway: Endless Road Builder!

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The side of the screen that you tap on decides the side of the screen that the road swings on to begin with when you build. If you see a lighthouse or some other obstacle on one side of the road, then tap on the other side to swing the road around in a way that avoids the lighthouse. If there are no obstacles there, then it doesn’t really matter which side that you pick.

The roads move at a fairly steady speed early on, but as your score increases, the speed of the road’s movement becomes more random and more erratic, so be aware of that surprise speed increase. If you have a 3D Touch phone, then pressing harder causes the road to move more slowly, so use hard presses in order to move the road in a more predictable manner.

Your car will continue driving whether or not you build roads, though, so if you start to fall behind a bit, then use light taps to build roads more quickly. You’ll have to concentrate harder in order to line them up correctly, but you’ll be able to make up a lot of lost time this way. Just be extra careful when you are trying to land your road on a very small island.

You get frequent free gifts of coins, which go towards purchasing new cars. The cars all perform the same as one another; they are for collection purposes only. In addition to the timed free gifts, you can watch video ads in order to earn free coins. Once you open a timed free gift, you can also watch a video afterwards to double the gift.

Each car comes with its own set of challenges for you to complete, though, and when you complete them, you will win a free prize. These include things such as playing a specific number of times, earning a total score of a certain number, or reaching a new world such as Icyland, which shows up when you have 25 points or so. Complete these missions to earn coins and other prizes.