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Guide to Zombie Road Rage for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Zombie Road Rage is a new side scrolling endless running game (or in this case, endless driving game) for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. In Zombie Road Rage, the goal is fairly simply. You drive a monster truck, drive along a straight road, and try to shoot zombies and kill them, all while trying to avoid running over anything that damages your truck (such as potholes, rocks, sand, and zombies themselves), going as far as you can, and getting as many coins as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks to Zombie Road Rage!

One of the easiest ways to die in this game is to get carried away with running over zombies. Sure, it’s an easy way to score a kill (and each zombie that you kill equals one coin that you earn), but each one that you hit also damages your truck. Avoid running them over unless you are very adept at avoiding potholes and other obstacles.

If your truck has next to no energy left and you know you’re about to die, pull up next to an entire pack full of zombies and sideswipe all of them for a few extra coins. Even though the first zombie will probably kill your truck, you’ll still hit them all.

If you’re going too fast and you need some space to shoot zombies, or there is simply too big of a pack ahead of you, run over a pile of sand or a pothole or simply run off the side of the road, take the small energy hit, and use that slowdown time to blow away zombies and clear some space for yourself.

In general, though, avoid going off the side of the road. Keep it simply by staying in one lane until you need to change lanes due to an obstacle in your path.