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Guide to VampDefense for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

VampDefense is a new action defense game for the iPhone – as in, it’s not just a passive defense game where you call out a number of troops and watch them attack. You play as the hero, and your attacking is just as important as what your troops do. You’re the leader of the dark ones, and your goal is to defeat the humans in the great war that threatens to tear the world apart – or something like that. Anyways, read on for some tips and tricks for VampDefense!

Every time that a sortie is completed, use the food that has been delivered and send in your new troops all at once. See those bars at the top of the screen? The bottom left bar at the top is the one that represents the sortie, and the zombie head’s position on the bar shows how close the sortie is to being completed. When it hits the far right, it’s complete. Right after it hits, send in your troops or you won’t be able to until the next sortie is complete.

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Buy two zombie upgrades as soon as the game starts in order to make it much easier to beat the initial levels. Later on, buy another hero, and you will be able to switch them out. The hero that is not being used will recover his mana anyways, meaning you’ll be able to unleash the most powerful attacks later on.

When you are playing with Luke (the white-haired hero), use the 500 mana attack every time. Don’t just shoot constant blood bullets. The 500 mana attack will blow away every enemy surrounding Luke, as well as do massive amounts of damage to whatever your main target is. However, once you unlock Franken Jr, ignore his 500 mana attack and throw punches over and over, as those are far more powerful than Luke’s blood bullets.

When you start to run low on hit points,  switch back to Luke and use the second cheapest attack of his. This attack is the life stealer, and it will recover some of you hit points if you land it.