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Guide to Titans Mobile for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Titans Mobile is a new game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch by GREE Inc. This game puts you into a war between Athens, Sparta, Troy and Crete for control of ancient Greece, which hinges on who gets the six sacred gems first. The story leads into a MMO military strategy game in which you build up your alliances, go on quests, and battle against other players and their armies, or simply duel with their heroes. Read on for some tips and tricks to Titans Mobile!

Winning battles is easy. You start off with the ability to run 12 troops at a time, and the game automatically puts your most powerful units up for either attack or defense. So your best strategy is to go with 12 really strong artillery troops (such as the Ram or other siege attackers), which will make you nearly unbeatable for when you attack other players for a very long time.

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For defense, go to the Warship tab, where your best defenders are. For example, buying 12 sharp-bottomed vessels (20 defense points each) will make you literally unbeatable, even to someone with 12 Rams. This almost completely eliminates the need to buy more defense buildings from the “building” tab, but once you get to higher levels and start facing people with larger alliances, eventually, you’re going to need to do that.

Spend your skill points wisely. Your best bet with the skill points is to spend them on AP and power. Ignore attack and defense because you can improve them even more simply by buying better units, like the ones listed above, or by buying better weapons and armor for your hero. Health recovers quickly and shouldn’t matter much if your attack and defense are where they need to be, so don’t bother leveling up on your health unless you really have to.

Improving your AP is, in fact, the best idea, because you can gain levels even faster by going on more quests that way. And the more levels you gain, the more maximum troops that you can have, provided you have enough of an alliance going. Each ally that you have allows you to use 6 more troops, but the maximum troops that you can use per battle is equal to 5 times your experience level.

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