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Titans Mobile for iPhone: Add alliance members and increase the size of your alliance!

Titans Mobile is a new game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch by GREE Inc. In this game, the ancient Greek Gods have been dethroned, and now Troy, Athens, Sparta and Crete are at war to decide who will take over the throne of Mount Olympus. Your task is to build up your army and your alliances, and try to earn the six gems. Read on for some tips and tricks to increase the size of your alliance in Titans Mobile!

To maximize the size of the army that you can use in the war mode, you need as many units as possible, but you can only use a number of units equal to your allies time six, or your level times five, whichever is less. So if you are level 6 or you have 5 allies, your maximum possible units is 30.

The alliance tab doesn’t let you search for allies, but to find usernames on your own, go to the War mode and start looking up usernames, and then add them in the Alliance tab under “Invite by user name”. If you want people who are far more powerful or have much higher experience levels, then your best bet is to go to the War section, then to Sanctions, because usually more powerful people the ones who have sanctions placed on them. Add them by username.

If the username adds don’t work, then go to the War area and start reloading constantly to look for people who have set their alliance code as their username. You’ll know if an alliance code is being used as a username because it will be a six letter/number name that looks like complete gibberish. Remember it, and then add that person as your ally using “add by Alliance Code” in the Alliance tab under Invite.

You can also go to the Account tab and change your username to be the same as your Alliance Code, if you want other people to add you using the same tricks. Lastly, you can also post your Alliance Code in the comments box below if you want other players to find you.