Valkyrie Crusade: Alliance Guide

By | 20130612

Alliances are one of the most fun parts about the iOS/Android card battler and city builder, Valkyrie Crusade. Using the alliance feature of this game, you can get all kinds of extra blessings and bonuses, as well as defeat the toughest archwitches in the game with the help of your teammates. You can even invite your fellow alliance members to be your comrades, or your comrades to be your alliance members. Wanna learn more? Read on for all of the information about alliances in Valkyrie Crusade!

To join an alliance, you have to have an alliance hall built in your kingdom. To form your very own alliance, you have to do this plus have a castle that has been upgraded to level three or better. To do this, go to the “alliance” tab on the main menu and you’ll be able to form your own alliance, or apply for other people’s alliances.

Once you form your own alliance, you are the leader. That means you get to write the introduction to your alliance, adjust the settings for acceptance (do you have to accept people manually or is it automatic), and what the conditions are for recruiting – for example, language settings, or the atmosphere of the alliance. If you join an existing alliance with another leader, you don’t get to do any of this. If you choose to join another alliance, you apply, and your application is either accepted or rejected by that alliance’s leader, unless they have chosen automatic acceptance.

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If you are invited to an alliance and you accept that invite, then you are automatically put into the alliance. You can choose to withdraw from the alliance at any time in order to join a different one or to form your own, though. If you are the leader of the alliance, you can break up the alliance from the alliance tab screen, which will leave you and others without an alliance. As the leader, you can also invite members or break up the alliance.

The first step to building your alliance is to build the alliance hall. The alliance hall will be unlocked once your castle hits level 2, and then once you build it, the alliance tab will be available to you.

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