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Valkyrie Crusade FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Valkyrie Crusade! Valkyrie Crusade is a cross between a trading card game and a kingdom building strategy game, and it features many unique twists that make it unlike anything else you will find on either the iPhone or Android. You can build up your kingdom and collect resources, and you can also build up your card collection, and your attack and defense parties, and compete in events and in PvP and PvP play. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Valkyrie Crusade!

As you begin the game, the first part that you will be introduced to is the kingdom mode, which is the city building mode in the game. It’s reminiscent of games such as Kingdoms of Camelot, with the main goal being to collect resources. Your resources go towards getting soldiers for your main cards, so that your main cards can beat other cards.

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You have six main structures, and three main forms of currency, that you can collect in your kingdom. The currencies are gold, ether, and iron, while the collecting structures are the farm, the ether furnace and the iron works. The gold storehouse, ether storehouse and iron storehouse are used to increase the amount of each currency that you can hold at a time. You can initially only build one of each, but as your castle level goes up, so, too, will the maximum amount of each building that you can have in your kingdom.

The decorations in your kingdom are generally worthless, as they serve to do nothing except to add to the appearance of your place. The special effect decorations, though, do have an effect, such as the aforementioned castle. The alliance hall lets you join or create an alliance, and the deco storehouse lets you store decorations. Barracks, airship docks, the arena, the magic school and the great temple, as well as the fort, the Yggdrasil and a large number of other premium and semipremium buildings will raise your statistics in all facets of the game – those are to be touched on later on in the FAQ.

Finally, the market is used to trade resources for other types of resources, which comes in handy very frequently because you will usually find yourself having an imbalance of resources in the game.

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