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Valkyrie Crusade FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of the Valkyrie Crusade beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 3 of the guide.

As previously mentioned, fusion sacrifices between 1 and 5 cards in favor of one gaining card, which then earns experience points from the sacrificed cards. Some cards, such as slimes, are VERY good for fusions, as they provide massive amounts of experience points when used as a sacrifice card.

Evolution is the second form of upgrade. Evolution works by allowing you to use two identical types of cards, one as the gainer and one as the sacrifice, to power your card up to the next level. Eligible cards can evolve between 1 and 5 times (depending on how many stars are at the top of the card), and when it’s maximally evolved, there will be one extra level of rarity added to the card (a R card will become an HR card, while a N will become an HN card).

This, like fusion, will improve your statistics, but unlike fusion, your experience point level will be set back down at level 1, with no experience. You’ll keep 5% of your stat gains from leveling up previously, as well as gain max soldiers.

Every so often, with certain cards, evolution accidents will happen. The chance of an evolution accident happening is randomized, and most cards aren’t eligible, but if it happens, a card will turn into a “dark” version of itself, usually, and stat gains will be far better than they would with a regular evolution. Rarity will usually increase as well – normal cards can become rare cards this way. To see if a card is prone to evolution accidents, try to equip it with a turn over arcana, and if “no effect” shows, then it is ineligible. Otherwise, it is prone to a random evolution accident.

The third method of improving your cards is amalgamation. It works similarly to evolution except that you can take two or more different cards, and turn them into a completely different card, with different stats and skills. Cards that you acquire by amalgamating two cards, can ONLY be acquired by that method. Usually, rarity will stay the same and statistics won’t improve that much, but there are some combinations which will cause rarity to skyrocket, as well as your stats. The stat transfer rules are the same as evolution.

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