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Valkyrie Crusade: How to get rare, super rare, and highly rare cards, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the guide for getting rare, super rare and high rare cards in Valkyrie Crusade! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

A new way has just appeared to get rare and super rare cards has just popped up in the game. Now, if you are a part of an Alliance (which you can join or start by building an alliance hall when you unlock it), you can engage in goddess worship along with your alliance. You and your alliance can sacrifice a set number of either rare cards, friendship points, or normal cards, and if you and your alliance fill up the meter before the given time runs out, every single one of you gets a rare or super rare reward, depending on which of the sacrifice meters has been filled up.

The premium summons and the ultimate summons will earn you, at minimum, a rare card, but also have a chance to earn you a SR (super rare) card. Premium summons cost you jewels to do, or a premium summon ticket, while ultimate summons can be purchased with 100 maiden tickets, which can only be earned by ranking high on the various events once the events close out. VERY rarely, you can also earn rare cards from the regular summons, so keep summoning and seeing what you come up with.

Evolution accidents can earn you rare cards if you can pull them off. To figure out what cards are susceptible to evolution accidents, choose two cards for evolutions, then set the turn over arcana or the strong T.O. arcana, and check if it will have an effect on that card. If it shows no effect, then remove the arcana and save it for another card. If it shows 20% or 40% increase in the chance of an evolution accident, then that means that card at least has a chance of said accident occurring. Evolution accidents will usually increase the rarity of a card no matter whcih card it happens to.

The rarest card in the game is the HSR card, or high super rare. There is only one known way to get HSR cards, which is to have multiples of the same SR (super rare) card, and evolve them to the max evolution level. Whether you have to evolve them once or four times to get to that level depends on the card, and how many stars (possible levels) it has. Evolving rare cards is also the only way to get high rare (HR) cards.