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Valkyrie Crusade: How to get rare, super rare, and highly rare cards

Valkyrie Crusade has many levels of rarity for cards. There are normal and highly normal cards, which are fairly common. The real fun starts with the rare cards. Rare is the third highest rarity, followed by highly rare and super rare. These are the most powerful cards in the game, and are the ones which will make your attack and defense units obscenely powerful if you use them right. Read on for tips and tricks on how to get rare, highly rare and super rare cards!

The most reliable way to get them is to complete sets of sacred treasures. This involves getting six colors of the same treasure (blue tablet, green tablet, etc). You can get the first four of each treasure set from the crusades or from the duels, but the last six have to come from the duels. You will earn one specific rare card per treasure set – complete each one and then evolve the rare cards to turn them into highly rare cards.

Defeating archwitches will earn you normal cards at first, but as the archwitches get more powerful, you have a better chance of earning rare or better cards. In addition, the maiden tickets that you earn will allow you to do premium summons (as will spending your hard-earned or hard-spent jewels) which can earn you rare and above cards. The ultimate summon will earn you anywhere from rare to super rare cards – these can be earned by spending 100 maiden tickets. Earn maiden tickets as event rewards.

Amalgamations can earn you rare cards, as well. Usually, these are just from amalgamating other rare cards, but some normal to normal combinations exist which can earn you rare cards. Amalgamating Philosopher’s Stones works, as well. There are 9 Philosopher’s Stones, from A through I, and amalgamating F, G, H and I together will earn you a super rare Master Alchemist. Evolve and amalgamate the lesser stones to earn the better stones.

Crucible summons and high-grade crucible summons can earn you the philosopher’s stones, and you can perform them using alchemy tickets, which you can win by beating archwitches and by beating other players in duels. They can also earn you other rare cards, such as the metal slime and the gold girl.

New events are happening all the time, and each new event (along with the close out of an event that you participated in) allows you to earn maiden tickets, which can be spent on ultimate summons if you earn enough of them. For more ways to summon rare, super rare, high rare and highly super rare cards, click forward to part 2 of the Valkyrie Crusade rare card guide!

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