Valkyrie Crusade: Evolution Accident and Amalgamation Lists

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Valkyrie Crusade lets you turn cards into new cards using two methods. One is the Evolution Accident, and the other is Amalgamation. Evolution Accidents turn a card into a “dark” (usually), more powerful version of itself, while Amalgamation turns two cards into one completely different card. Only certain cards are eligible, though. Read on to find out the exact results of each one!

These are the ones that are known, so far. If you know others, then go ahead and add them in the comment box below. To start off, here is the Amalgamation list. The following are the combinations that give you an N card: Lycaon N + Barbarian N = Berserker. Witch N + Pixie N = Magical Girl N. Priest N + Cleric N = Bishop N. Thief N + Adventurer N = Treasure Hunter N. Bard N + Harpy N = Siren N. Dryad N + Archer N = Elementalist N. Summoner N + Wizard N = Sage N. Elf N + Bugbear N = Dwarf N.

The Mechanic N + Enchanter N = Android R combination is the only NN to R combo. The following combos also earn you rare cards: Musician R + Siren N = Diva R. Arachne R + Lamia N = Medusa R. Fox Spirit R + Onmyoji N = Oni R. Gold Girl N + Metal Slime R = Medal Girl R. Ladybird R + Alraune R = Fungus R. Soldier R + Scientist R = Grenadier R. Selene R + Europa R = Anubis R. Ghost R + Kung-Fu Master R + Phantom N = Jiang Shi R. Gnome N + Slyph R + Salamander R + Undine R = Lightning R.

Amalgamations are also possible using Philosopher’s Stones, but there are way too many to list. Pertinent to them, though, is that Metal Slime and Gold Girl amalgamate to Metal Girl, and that if you amalgamate Philosopher’s Stones F, G, H and I you’ll end up with a SR (super rare) Master Alchemist, one of the strongest cards in the game.

The following Evolution Accidents are known to exist: Swordsman N = Cutthroat HN. Wizard N = Dark Wizard HN. Priest N = Dark Priest HN. Summoner N = Devil Summoner HN. Elf N = Dark Elf HN. Dragon Knight N = Dragon Slayer HN. Bandit N = Idol HN. Sailor R = Mind Flayer HR. Golem R = Guardian HR. Dark Knight R = Paladin R. Judge R = Inquisitor R. Isis R = Nephthys R. Idler R = Super Soldier HR. Millionaire R = Poor HR. Seraph = Lucifer.

Wanna try and figure out more potential accidents? Take one of your turn over arcana and put it in for any card that you want to evolve, and check the effect. If there’s no potential effect listed, then there’s no possible accidents. If it lists the actual results of the accident (e.g. 20% increase in possibility), then it’s possible.

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