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Deity Wars for iOS and Android: How to get free rare, super rare and legend cards

Deity Wars is a new card battle game from Mobage, the company behind such hits as Fantasica and Blood Brothers. In this game you play as a summoner of various entities from heaven, hell and earth. The three factions are locked in a battle against each other for control of the world, and with that, the summoners and their guilds are locked into endless war against each other. To win this war is to build the best deck of cards, complete all of the quests, get as many rare cards as you can, and evolve your cards to their most powerful forms. Read on for a guide on how to get rare cards!

The rarity of a card is measured in stars – with one star being the most common, and seven stars being the most rare. In order, they are N, NN, R, RR, SR, SSR and LR ranks. The more rare that a card is, the more powerful, and the tougher to get, as well, but there are ways to get rare cards for free – as in, without having to spend any real money on them.

One way to get a rare card is to first, beat the boss at the end of a quest round. Once you do, you’ll get one God Breath CP ticket, which will allow you to open one legend card pack. These are the card packs that have the highest chance of earning you the super-rare and legend cards.

Even the normal cards packs, which are opened using your Yell CP, have an outside shot of earning you a 3 or 4 star card. This one is more of a numbers game than anything – the key is simply to keep opening card packs until you get a rare card out of one. If you get multiples of the same 2-star (NN) cards, evolve one of them three times, using the other three as ingredient cards, and you’ll turn it into a 3-star (rare) card as well.

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