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Blood Brothers for iOS + Android: Evolution Guide – How to evolve your cards

In Blood Brothers, as with many card battling games, you can evolve your cards in order to get more powerful cards. This is especially important with regular common cards, because by themselves, their power level is really lousy, making them almost worthless for battling against bosses and enemies, and especially for PvP matches. Evolving your familiars will make them much more powerful, far more so than doing a Blood Brothers pact will. Read on for a guide on how to evolve your cards in Blood Brothers!

First, to evolve your cards, you need to have two of the same type of card, or of the same “family” of card. An example of a family of cards would be Slime, Slime II, Coin Creep and Coin Creep II. All of them are a part of the same “family” – in essence, a pallete-swapped, more powerful version of the same card. Out of four possible stars, Slime is 1 star, Slime II is 2 star, Coin Creep is 3 star and Coin Creep II is 4 star.

Each card has a certain number of stars on it (yellow) as well as empty stars (black). To evolve cards, the first card that you pick (the evolver) has to have at least one empty star. If you pick two one-star cards to evolve, you will get a two star card, and if you pick two 2-star cards to evolve, you’ll get a 4-star card. If you pick a 2 star and a 1 star card, you’ll get a 3-star and if you pick a 3-star and a 1-star card, you’ll get a 4-star.

Not all cards have four stars worth of evolutions in them, though. Some only have 1 or 2 stars. If a card has one possible star, that means it can’t evolve, and a card with 2 possible stars means that it can only evolve once.

Once a card with 4 possible stars increases to 3-star rating, its rareness level will go up. For example, a common card will become an uncommon card, uncommon will become rare, and rare will become epic. If a card only has 2 possible stars, then it’s rareness will go up after 1 evolution.

To go to the Evolution screen, either wait for it to pop up on the ever changing button in the lower left corner of the screen, or go to the “blood brothers” menu outside of the quests. Once you’re there, click on the “menu” button and change it over to “evolution””.


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