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Fantasica for iPhone: How to get more Ally Points, plus free Time Elixirs and Potions

In Fantasica, Ally Points are one of the lesser thought-about currencies, but they are important. Any time that you want to learn a new skill, you need to have a certain number of Ally Points in order to make it happen. Time Elixirs and Potions are the two main items that the shop in the game sells. Normally, these two items cost Fanta Points, but since it takes real money to buy Fanta Points, it’s better to try to get Potions and Time Elixirs for free. Read on to find out how!

First, to get Ally Points, you need to actually have allies in the game. To find more allies, go to the Allies tab in the main menu, in the bottom taskbar, and use the Search for Allies or Search MobaFriends buttons to try to look for more allies. If someone else adds you, go to the “waiting for approval” tab to approve them.

Now, whenever someone summons your leader card in the game during one of the Ally quest rounds, or during a boss battle, you will earn Ally Points. Consequently, if you summon someone else’s leader card, they will earn Ally Points. To maximize Ally Points, make sure that your leader card is a VERY strong card by constantly enhancing and upgrading them.

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You can get free Time Elixirs and Potions a couple of ways. One of them is to log in a number of times, and they will pop up as the login bonus on days that you don’t get extra Brave Points instead. The other way to do so is to finish a round of Questing, and then beat the boss for the first time. When you beat the boss for the first time, one of your extra rewards will be one or the other.

In addition, trade with other players to try to get them to give up their Time Elixirs and Potions. Rare cards or very powerful cards make for excellent trade bait. William the Hunter, who can be found on episode 2 of training, is excellent trade bait, because all it takes is about a 3 or 4 card sacrifice as an enhancement, and he becomes very powerful, very quickly.


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