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Fantasica for Android and iPhone: How to get more Luna and Fanta Points

In Fantasica, for the iOS and Android OS, there are two different types of currency. Luna is the main type of currency in the game. Its main use is to be spent when you enhance your cards. The premium currency of the game is Fanta Points, which are used for such things as buying time elixirs and rare card packs (and which are not named after the soda). Read on to find out how to get more Luna and more Fanta Points!

There are multiple ways to get more Luna. One of them is to complete a level in the quest mode. You have to score a 100% victory to earn your Luna (meaning that you have to kill all of the monsters in that level), but at the end of the level, you’ll earn a relatively sizeable amount of Luna.

In addition, you can earn large amounts of Luna through battle mode if you have a team that is strong enough to defeat the monster cards that other players have as their defenders. You’ll lose Luna if another player attacks you and you lose that battle, so make sure that your monster cards are powered up for defense as well.

When you do the Training missions, each time that you come across a monster and kill them, you will earn a small amount of Luna. However, if you complete one full episode of training and kill the boss that you face at the end, you earn a very large quantity of Luna. You can also earn more Luna by selling any unit cards that you don’t want.

The only way to get more Fanta Points in Fantasica is by buying them with real money. To do this, go to the store or to the card pack area and attempt to buy something that you don’t have the Fanta Points for. When your attempt fails, the game will prompt you to buy more Fanta Points, at which point you can choose from a point package, or simply cancel out of it.


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