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Fantasica for iPhone and Android: How to get free premium and rare cards and artifacts

In Fantasica for the iPhone and Android, as with any good card battle game, there are different tiers of unit cards that you can collect as you play. The one star cards are by far the most common cards. These cards can be found in normal card packs, or won in training mode, and the vast majority of cards that you win or earn over time will be common cards. Rare cards, however, are the ones with two stars and above. These ones are a little bit tougher to find, but they are much tougher when it comes to battling. Read on for tips on how to get more rare cards!

One way to get rare cards is to earn them by trading in a set of artifacts. Artifacts are earned when you kill a boss character at the end of a quest round. In addition, they can be included in trades, and you can steal artifacts from other players if you beat them in the battle round. If you get a matching set of three artifacts (for example, the three different Rings of Ages), then you can trade them in for a rare card as a reward.

Any time that you get a premium ticket due to a special event, you can also earn get a free rare card just by trading in that premium ticket. Go down to the Card Pack area, scroll down, and when you get to “premium card pack”, it will say “1 premium ticket” instead of “300 Fanta Points”. Premium card packs usually give you 2-3 star cards, but you have a chance at getting a 4 or 5 star card, as well.

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Of course, you can also buy more rare card packs, with those aforementioned Fanta Points, but who wants to do that? If you spend brave points on a normal card pack (or get your usual free one daily), then you have a chance at getting a premium or rare card.

Down at the bottom of the Card Pack page will be a list of three players who just got rare, 5-star cards. If you can put together a very NICE trade package with them (or with any other player who has a rare card that you want, for that matter), then that’s another way to get rare cards.


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