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Big Win Football for iOS: How to get more silver, gold and platinum cards

In Big Win Football for the iPhone, there are four classes of cards. Bronze cards are the basic cards, but they are also the least powerful cards. Silver cards are the next step up, and they have a higher score than bronze but a lower score than platinum and gold cards. Gold cards are very rare with very high scores, but platinum cards are super rare and are the highest scored and most powerful cards in the entire game. Read on to find out how to get more of the silver, gold or platinum cards!

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Silver cards are fairly common, though not as common as bronze cards. Your best bet to get silver cards is (obviously) to buy the silver card packs. Obviously, the most wanted cards are the silver player cards, but sometimes you’ll only get the big impact cards and the stat booster cards. Just keep playing the odds and buying more silver packs.

Silver packs cost 1,000 coins each, so to rack up money for silver packs, play as many games as you can and watch as many videos as you can (each video of which earns you 150 coins). Silver cards can also be found infrequently in bronze card packs.

Gold card can be had rarely from silver packs, but mostly, they can be had from the gold card pack and other premium card packs. The gold pack is the cheapest (as far as Big Bucks go), and earns you 8 gold cards. The Players pack, Big Impact and Big Contracts cards can also give you those specific cards in gold, but the only way to get big Skill Boost gold cards is from the Gold Pack itself. You can buy gold packs with cash, or also earn free gold cards as a daily log in bonus after a certain number of days.

Platinum cards can be earned by spending a LOT of big bucks, mostly, but the Gold Card Pack has a small chance at earning you Platinum Cards. The Players pack has a good chance at earning you platinum cards, though; much higher than the Gold Card Pack’s chances. The two exclusively Platinum packs, though, are the Big Boosts and the Big Players. Big Boosts earns you exclusively platinum Skill Boost cards, which can massively improve your player cards, and Big Player cards will earn you exclusively platinum player cards.


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