Big Win NHL Hockey: How to get more silver, gold, platinum, Big Star and MVP cards

By | October 9, 2013

Big Win NHL Hockey is Hothead Games’ latest sports-themed card battling game, and it is only the second one to feature real life athletes, with Big Win MLB Baseball having been the first. You begin the game with bronze cards, but it won’t be long before you want to begin replacing them with something better. Luckily, you have silver cards, gold cards, platinum cards, Big Star cards and MVP cards from which to choose. Read on to find out how to get more of all five of these premium cards!

Get more silver cards by opening silver card packs. These contain exclusively silver cards. Most of them will be silver big impacts, skill boosts, contracts and other assorted cards, but keep opening silver packs and you’ll start finding silver player cards in there. Swap these in in place of the bronze player cards to rapidly increase your team score.

Gold card packs contain gold cards at a minimum, with a chance at earning you platinum cards. Like the silver packs, these will mostly contain big impacts, stat boosts, contracts and uniforms, but gold players will pop up here and there, which will provide a HUGE boost to your team. Rack up the Big Bucks to get more of these.

Player card packs will earn you only player cards, which will be gold at a minimum, but have a chance at earning you platinum cards. Big Impact packs will contain exclusively gold Big Impact cards (the highest Big Impact there is), Big Boosts will earn you platinum skill boost cards exclusively, while big contracts will earn you gold contract cards.

The Big Stars pack has a chance at earning you specific Big Star player cards, which change on time intervals. These are very limited edition cards, and after one set of Big Star cards goes away, they never come back, although they get replaced with new Big Stars. The rest of the cards in this pack will be platinum cards.

MVP cards are just as strong as Big Stars, but with even better chemistry bonuses. The only way to get MVP cards is to go to the Quest for the Cup mode and win the Stanley Cup. By the time you win this mode, you’ll already likely have so many gold and platinum cards that you’ll already have one of the best teams in the game.