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Big Win Basketball for iOS: How to get more gold, silver and platinum cards

Big Win Basketball is the latest game in the “big win” series by Hothead, and if you have ever wanted to try your hand at running your own basketball team, this is as good a bet as most, especially on the iOS platform. There are a number of different card classes in the game. You can get bronze, silver, gold, and platinum cards. Bronze cards are the most common but also the weakest, so we won’t worry too much about these. Silver cards are the next best, followed by gold, and platinum. Of course, platinum cards are also the rarest. Read on to find out how to get more silver, gold and platinum cards!

Silver cards are not necessarily tough to find. They actually appear rather infrequently whenever you buy a bronze card pack, so by buying a LOT of bronze card packs, you can find more of them rather easily although the process can be tedious and a bit time consuming to do so. In addition, since buying a ton of bronze card packs will fill up your roster quickly, you’ll have to sell cards frequently.

Silver card packs are significantly more expensive than bronze, but they will earn you at least a silver card. There is a very rare chance that you might get a gold card as well. In addition, they are the best card pack that you can buy using coins rather than big bucks, so it’s possible to get a number of them without having to complete any offers.

Gold cards occur most frequently in gold card packs which, of course, contain gold cards at a minimum. They can be gold players, big impact cards, contract cards, or boost cards, so sometimes you might not even get a gold player. There is, however, a good chance for platinum cards in those packs.

To ensure getting player cards, buy the Players pack to get gold players at a minimum with a good chance at platinum players, or the Big Players card pack with exclusively platinum players. The Big Impact pack earns you gold big impact cards. The Big Contracts package earns you gold contract cards which allow you to resign a player for 50 games. The big boost contains exclusively platinum stat boost cards!