Cerberus Age for iPhone: Guide to getting rare monster cards for free, as well as silver, gold and platinum tokens

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In Cerberus Age, you have a few types of cards, including common cards, but nobody wants common cards when they can have rare cards instead. There are many ways to get free rare cards in the game for those who are willing to work hard enough. Read on to find out how to get free rare cards in Cerberus Age!

One way to get rare cards is to try to invite friends using your own invitation code. First, you have to invite someone and they have to accept your invite. Second, they have to complete the tutorial. Once they complete the tutorial, you will get a free rare card as a reward. This goes for every single friend that you invite to the game.

Post messages on Facebook and Twitter as well, in order to get free rare cards. Every 7 posts that you make on each service, up to 28 posts, earns you a rare card, and this works for both of the services, making it easy to get up to 8 rare cards if you want to. This is a limited time event, but if this event is over by the time you read this article, then surely there are other new events as well.

Silver, gold and platinum tokens are three different types of tokens that can summon monsters of varying rarity, from rare to super rare to ridiculously rare. To get silver and gold tokens, go into the Coliseum and start fighting. Depending on what rank you fight under, you can earn silver tokens or gold tokens, or even better. Additionally, you earn a free platinum token for finishing chapter 3 in the quest, which enables to to do the rarest of all summons (which would normally cost 60 Coins to do).

Other limited edition events, such as the Ancient Ghost of Grashad Tower, will happen frequently, giving you higher chances to earn rare cards via special event summons. In addition to all of these specialized summons, you even have a shot at summoning a rare card using a good old fashioned bronze summon, even though it is a slim chance.

After you finish the tutorial, you yourself will also win a free care card. After you earn the rare card, immediately make it into the leader of your party, or else your original leader card will remain as your leader card, making your party weaker than it could be.

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