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Guide to Rune Raiders: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Rune Raiders is a new turn based puzzle RPG for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Your goal is to send a kooky, motley crew of medieval fantasy archetypes, from the viking to the archer to the princess, up a path that looks more like a board game than anything, and try to kill or slip by the enemies who lie ahead of you. Your goal is to make it to the end of each stage with as few moves as possible, with nobody getting killed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rune Raiders!

If you need to make some money later on, first, spend a little money to upgrade your viking, but ONLY your dwarf. Try to focus on attack or defense upgrades if you can. After you level him up a bit, send him back to level 1 or 2, and ONLY him (so that you spend the least amount of money possible before beginning a stage), and have him try to destroy everybody on his own and earn all of the gold for it. One of the level ups to the dwarf should include the gold power up, so that each enemy he kills earns more gold for the party.

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While the dwarf is recommended simply for being cheap and powerful, Sheena the Heroine is another recommended party member. She’s fairly cheap as well, she’s extremely powerful, and she can kill from a distance, making it much easier to avoid being attacked.

She also avoids most of the attacks that enemies try to run out against her, so on stages with really powerful enemies, keep the rest of your party back, send her forward, and let her take out the really powerful enemies (example: the minotaurs on stage 4, who can kill with one hit)

Progress forward with your characters moved as far back on your screen as possible. The further back they are on the screen, the easier it is to just move them forward a ton of spaces when you need to, in order to execute a strategic battle maneuver when you need to.