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Fallout Shelter: How to defend against Raiders, Radroaches and fires

Fallout Shelter is the iPhone, iPad and (soon) Android’s new vault management sim, playing like a really insanely hard yet very addictive and well done spin on the Tiny Tower formula. You might end up gaining resources, finally building a self sustaining vault, and then all of a sudden you get attacked by Raiders who steal all of your crap. Or you might rush something and then get screwed for it by failing and ending up getting a fire or a Radroach infestation. Read on to find out how to get rid of the Raiders, fires and Radroaches in Fallout Shelter!

First, you want to complete a number of quests and wasteland expeditions so that you earn some weapons. The more powerful the weapons, the better they are. Keep them out of the hands of your dwellers right now until you need them. Put them in your inventory. The exception here is when you send someone out to the wasteland but of course, once they get back, unequip the weapon.

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Now, when the Raiders or Radroaches come around, double tap on the room that they are in, tap on the dwellers inside and equip them with the powerful weapons. They will immediately begin annihilating them with the strong weapons. If the Raiders or the Radroaches move rooms, then unequip the dwellers in the previous room and equip the dwellers who are in the new room.

Specifically for the raiders, you will want to make sure that your vault door is upgraded. The more upgrades that you put on your vault door, the more damage it will be able to take before giving way and giving up resources to the raiders. For extra protection, station dwellers inside of the vault door so that they can be the first line of defense. This is good to do with otherwise useless common dwellers.

Be sure to have plenty of Stimpaks and Radaways ready for after the battle is done. Your dwellers will take damage, and if they are fighting Radroaches, they will become irradiated, making both of these items a necessity. If they get killed you will have the option to revive them again by spending your hard-earned bottle caps.

As far as fires go, the answer is a whole lot less set in stone. You can either leave your dwellers in there to fight the fire on their own, or pull the dwellers out and evacuate them to different rooms. The risk (slight one) with the second option is that the fires will spread to different rooms, but half the time they won’t. You can load up a room with dwellers if you want to speed firefighting, but it won’t have a huge effect.

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