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Fallout Shelter: How to achieve 100% happiness for all of your dwellers

Fallout Shelter is a new city management game for the iOS platform. You build a little vault city, fill it with dwellers, collect resources, And you have to try to keep them happy in the process. If your dwellers are not happy, their production will slow down and their health will decline. Getting 100% happiness is very difficult to do, but if you know a few tips and tricks, it is very easily doable. Read on to find out how to achieve 100% happiness for all of your dwellers in Fallout Shelter!

The quickest way to 100% happiness is my taking two of your dwellers who are currently working inside one of the rooms and placing them in the living quarters. Make sure they are both male and female. Or, if you have a large living quarters with room for more than two people, make sure the amount of males and females is equal.

After you do this, wait around for a while. Their happiness will grow rapidly and they will start disappearing into the private room to have sex, and when they come out, the females will get pregnant. When they get pregnant and start having children, typically they will always be at 100% happiness.

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If it well or does nothing but work, they will tend to get unhappy overtime. One solution for this is to swap them back and forth in and out of the living quarters. Another solution is to give them a bigger workspace and make it less crowded. Build double and triple rooms. To do this take two or three of the same room at the same upgrade level and place them next to each other. Then place one dweller, two at the most, into each of the double and triple rooms. For some reason, this tends to increase their happiness.

Successful rushes will increase the happiness of your dwellers, and while failed rushes will decrease the happiness due to decreasing their health, there are ways to mitigate the damage done. When the room is filled with Radaroaches or Raiders, equip whoever is assigned to that room with your strongest weapons and they will rapidly dispose of the problem. When a fire breaks out, you can do one of two things. Either evacuate everyone, or send a whole bunch of people into fight the fire.

Keep your resources high. Generally, this means that you should have as few dwellers as possible, and as much work space as possible, especially double rooms and triple rooms. It is far easier to keep the power, water, and food bars green when you do this. Red bars will drop everyone’s happiness to 10% or 15% extremely quickly, so always keep the bar screen.