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Fallout Shelter: Full list of legendary dwellers, and how to acquire them

Fallout Shelter is Bethesda’s f2p debut, and it’s loaded with characters from series canon. You can get an unlimited number of random dwellers who are either common or rare, but there is a special group of legendary dwellers who come from other games in the series. Read on for a full list of legendary dwellers, and how to get them into your vault!

The main way to get more legendary dwellers is from the lunchboxes. They will usually give you non-dweller items or rare dwellers, but legendary dwellers are not uncommon. You can buy lunch boxes, or earn them from the objectives/quests.

There is a chance that you can have a legendary dweller come in from the wastelands when you have the radio station. More than likely it will be a common dweller or sometimes a rare dweller, but keep on it, and staff the station with a character who has more charisma. And merge 2-3 stations into one big one. These will all help toward the eventual goal of getting legendary dwellers to show up from the wasteland.

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Currently the following legendary dwellers are in the game. How many can you get?:
1: Abraham Washington
2: Allistair Tenpenny
3: Amata
4: Bittercup
5: Butch
6: Colonel Autumn
7: Confessor Cromwell

8: Dr. Li
9: Elder Lyons
10: Eulogy Jones
11: Harkness
12: James
13: Jericho
14: Lucas Simms

15: Moira Brown
16: Mr. Burke
17: Preston Garvey
18: Sarah Lyons
19: Reginald Rothschild
20: Star Paladin Cross
21: Three Dog