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Fallout Shelter’s free unlimited Lunch Box glitch/cheat, no hacks required

Fallout Shelter is a new game for the iOS, soon to be Android, and unlike many others, it does not have paywalls or timers, really. There is something that you can buy though, called lunch boxes, that contains a random assortment of legendary dwellers, cards, and other goodies. You can purchase them, but there is a way to get free lunch boxes without having to spend a dime, for as long as you wish. Read on to find out how to get unlimited free lunch boxes in Fallout Shelter!

So what this involves is, essentially, keeping the game in tutorial mode forever. During the tutorial you will get lunch boxes far more frequently from quests, but once you complete a certain specific set of objectives, then tutorial mode will officially end. You have to refrain from completing two specific quests in order to make the game stay in tutorial mode.

As you make your way through the tutorial, you will come across the objectives that have you do the following. One of them is to equip a dweller with an item, and the other is to sell an item. If you let these quests sit there in perpetuity, the game will stay in tutorial mode, and the tutorial quests will loop over and over. You can still equip dwellers but you can’t tap the collection buttons for your objective rewards.

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The looped quests are to collect 50 food, collect 50 water, and level up a dweller. These quests will rotate between giving you caps and giving you one lunch box, but most of the time it will be a lunch box. Just keep completing these three objectives over and over and collecting lunch boxes.

Now, if you get sick of doing this trick and you want to move on to other quests, you can always collect the rewards for “equip a dweller” and “sell an item” and the tutorial will end. The challenge will return to the game (it will be sorely lacking in tutorial mode).

If the tutorial somehow ends before you pull off this glitch, then start another vault and try it or leave behind the other tutorial missions, such as the one where you rush a room. Once you start getting the “collect 50 water/food/level a dweller” quests, then don’t collect for ANY OTHER QUEST besides that one.