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Jurassic World: The Game – How to get free Dino Cash and mPoints

Jurassic World: The Game is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, where you collect your favorite dinosaurs from the move, raise them, and fight them against each other. Dino Cash, otherwise only known as Cash, is the premium/freemium currency of the game. mPoints are a currency that isn’t necessarily used to get stuff in the game, but is used for rewards outside of the game. Read on for tips on how to get more of both of these for free!

The main way to get more Cash for free is to go to the in-game IAP store and hit the “FREE” button to the far left side of the “cash” area. You’ll have the option to log into Tapjoy the first time, by going to their website. Once you do that, an offer wall will pop up from their website. The website’s offer wall will give you rewards in the game for downloading various games and apps (Game of War, as predicted, is one of these).

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The other offer wall, the one within the game itself, contains offers both free and paid that earn you more cash, such as watching ad videos, or others. The paid offers will be worth far more than the free ones, but that’s to be expected. Sometimes the paid ones are actually worth more in Dino Bucks than an actual IAP itself would be.

If you want to get them without doing the offer wall, then earn them by completing various quests. Typically, it’s the battle stage quests which will earn you more cash, so if you want to unlock another battle quest against Hoskins, gain experience by completing non-battling quests, fighting in the challenge stages, or by placing and selling decorations over and over again. You can also connect to Facebook from the game for a free 50 Dino Cash.

mPoints can be exchanged for stuff outside of the game, such as gift cards or free things. Completing achievements within the game will earn you more mPoints, and you’ll likely have already built up a big list of them just by playing, so go to the mail icon, go to sessionM, then go to the achievement section to see what you can tap on.

Check in at various places and you can also earn mPoints in the game. This is on the front page of sessionM, not at the achievements section, so go to the main page and check in places for bonuses.