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Jurassic World: The Game – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Don’t just feed your favorite or your rarest dinosaurs. They are going to be the main core of your fighting party, but you need to make sure to feed your others as well so that you can sub them in for battle whenever you need to. Oftentimes having that 50% advantage against your adversary can trump having the best numbers.

Every five battles you will unlock a rare dino as a reward when you win. When this happens, make that rare dino one of the cornerstones of your battle party. Keep a good batch of DNA saved for when you upgrade them to level 10, so that you can immediately evolve them. Resist the temptation to speed up the evolution by spending even more DNA – wait it out.

There is another premiumesque currency in this game, known as mPoints, but they don’t really offer you anything in the game. You can earn mPoints for completing various achievements within the game, and then spend them on real life stuff. If you see any mPoint exchanges for preloaded cash cards or iTunes/Google Play gift cards, though, then you can plow those right back into the game for some free goodies.

If you run out of battles that you can do against Vic, or if you hit a boss battle that’s too difficult to beat, go play against random players for awhile and rack up the rewards. If you are waiting on an evolution, you can pick up more DNA or duplicate dinos by completing these battles, so that you can then put it toward getting your numbers ready for the prime time.

If you are at a type disadvantage (or neutral) in battle, your best bet is to use your first one or two turns on nothing but charging. Charge until you have 7 or 8 moves left, then spend all of them on an attack and you’ll do a ton of damage even with level and type disadvantages. Or, do that and let the rival dino kill yours off, switch to a better type and then unleash every attack at the same time!

Want another way to get more dinos? Go purchase the Brawlosaurus toys and scan them into the game. To do that, go to start a battle and tap the Brawlasaur button, then scan it into the game. You can’t place them into your park, but you can scan them at one time for battles. They will typically go in at level 1, and not be able to level up, though.

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