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CivMiner – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

CivMiner a new iOS and Android game by Naquatic that ties in with CivCrafter, yet is also playable on its own. This strangely addictive tapfest boasts Minecraftesque graphics, and your goal is to dig through blocks so that you can find stones and rubies, fight the bosses that you find as you go down the mineshaft, and then do it all over again. Read on for some tips and tricks for CivMiner!

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You can tap with as many fingers as you want in order to speed things along. Tap with at least two, but generally, three or four at a time is the best amount to use. Alternate your taps a little bit. It’s especially helpful to do this when you are fighting the bosses – this will make them VERY easy to kill.

Don’t have enough rubies to purchase the upgrade that you want, and you know you won’t be able to beat the boss? Simply hit the quit button or let the boss battle time out right away to go back to a repeat of the previous stage. You will keep all of the stone and rubies that you earned over the course of the last stage, so you can repeat over and over as often as needed.

If you join a clan, you can rob oil from other players, and consequently, they can also steal your oil too. The multi finger mode works just as well in the oil robbery mode, although you have a much smaller area that you can tap. This is a whole lot easier on a tablet than on a phone.

Joining a clan is a great way to get more rubies. Your clan rank is based on how much oil you and your clan can earn. If you earn enough you’ll rank higher, and if you rank higher you will earn bigger ruby prizes. For example, the top clan in the whole game earns 10,000 rubies. If you want, you can post your clan invite code in the comments to get people to come to your clan.

Discovering and naming new stones is one of the things that every player in this game hopes that they can do eventually. Race through stages as quickly as possible and your chance of finding new stones will increase. Tap around the sides of the stage too, because often you can find stones there that you didn’t know about, and that other players never bothered to look for or just haven’t had pop up.