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Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country is a new clicker game by Game Hive, maker of Tap Titans which has historically been one of the most addictive and playable of the genre. This one takes a different approach than the latter, putting you in charge of a city full of business, and your goal, of course, is to make the most money of all – both for yourself and for your country! Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country!

Initially, upgrading your taps is a speedy way to start off, especially because you can tap with more than one finger to really speed things up. If you are playing on a big screen, rapid-tapping alternating between four to six fingers will earn you a ton of money VERY quickly, while six fingers might not be so doable on a little device such as an older iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Purchase the buildings for your city, and pay attention to the levels at which they will earn you perks. Levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, and so on and so forth are when extra perks will be added on, doubling your speed or giving you an extra profit multiplier. Plus, when all of your buildings are at these level milestones, you’ll earn extra speed bonuses that apply to every one of them.

Tap the Fat Cat when he appears on screen and you will be able to watch a video, and after the video is done you will gain an extra 2X income multiplier for everything – taps, buildings, and so on and so forth. Combine this with all of the skills that you’ll unlock as you purchase upgrades for huge profit increases

Once you hit the $20 trillion mark, you will be able to prestige, which gives you prestige points, allows you to send soldiers into the international money war, and can even earn you bonus tech cards. Tech cards can also be purchased using diamonds, and they give you various speed or income multipliers, or even tap income multipliers.

Tap the boxes that fly overhead to earn bonuses such as those special skills, as well as free diamonds. Diamonds buy you all sorts of perks such as supercharging your business or making it rain, as well as new tech cards. If you have an internet connection you will get the option to watch a video for 5 diamonds – otherwise you’ll get one diamond per box.

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