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Tap Tycoon – Country vs Country: Prestige Guide – How to get Prestige Points, Soldiers, and Tech Cards, Page 2

Tech Cards are the third and the toughest thing to earn. They add up in a similar way that the soldiers do – that is, the longer that you wait before prestiging after your last one, the better that your chances will be of earning tech cards. Just keep checking the prestige menu to see if you will earn anymore of them after your next one.

The difference with the tech cards, though, is that it doesn’t matter how close to the last or next world war that you are when you prestige. All that matters is how long you have gone since your last prestige and how much cash you have earned relative to what you earned before the last time that you prestiged. This adds up to them being the toughest out of all three of these things to earn.

Each different tech card that you earn will add a different bonus – for example, a 2x multiplier to one of your businesses, or a permanent multiplier to your taps, or even a permanent boost given to one of your skills. If you get two of the same tech card, the one that you already have will level up, increasing the bonus that it gives you.

Of course, diamonds make it easy to earn tech cards too. Want to earn 5 tech cards instantly? First, build up 500 diamonds, and then you can spend them on tech cards instantly. There is a huge variety of tech cards to earn, so between this and the prestiges, you’ll almost never run out unless you’re a massively dedicated player.

If you don’t want to wait until you are at the 500 diamond mark, then wait until you get to the point where upgrades are few and far between (I.E. the point that you would normally prestige at). Hit the Fat Cat bonus, then go to the shop area and spend 100 diamonds on the Make it Rain bonus for 24 hours worth of instant cash. This will make a HUGE addition to your cash, your pending prestige points, your soldiers, and usually your tech cards as well.

Finally, if you really want to earn a ton of cards, wait until after the world war, then start saving up your pending soldiers, and wait to prestige until after next week’s world war. Just let your soldiers build and build and build and build for as long as you can. If you are in the top percentile of contibutors for the war, which you most certainly will be after all of this waiting, then you will earn a load of bonus tech cards after the war is done.

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