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Tap Titans 2 – Artifact Hoarding: How to prestige quickly and load up on skill points, relics and artifacts

Tap Titans 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the original game complete with an all-new set of challenges, but one thing remains from the old game, and that is the importance of artifacts and relics. You prestige to earn one, which then allows you to earn the other, and with good relics, you can advance far further, far more quickly, to levels you weren’t able to before. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to prestige quickly, load up on artifacts, and get the best relics in Tap Titans 2!

Prestiging is done in this game, just as in the previous game, at level 600 or later. There is only one way to prestige before hitting level 600, and that is if you are not already entered in a tournament, to start the tournament. Hit the join button and you will automatically prestige. The only downside to this is that you won’t earn as many relics as you would if you had waited.

In fact, if you can wait to prestige, don’t do it right at hero level 600. If you aren’t happy with the amount of potential artifacts you’ll get, then wait to increase your hero level, to beat more stages and bosses, and to unlock more new heroes. Leveling your existing heroes also makes a difference, but new heroes do more for your artifact total than the new heroes do.

Once you have enough relics, you can buy either a new artifact or, if applicable, upgrade an existing artifact. Arguably the most important statistic is the artifact damage, so use that to figure out how to get the best bang for your relic buck. Upgrade the artifact that gives you the biggest multiplier per relic usage or, if you are not satisfied with any of the current ones, go for a brand new relic instead.

If you are not going to have enough artifacts for the next prestige, stick it out instead of prestiging too soon. Your whole prestige will end up being completely pointless otherwise, except for the additional pets that you will have acquired in the meantime (which have nothing to do with prestiging anyways). Stick it out and wait around until the prestige actually means something.

If you have a Make it Rain, whether it is from a daily reward or simply from having enough diamonds to purchase one, then save it until the time that you are close to prestiging. Use it right as you are getting close to level 600 or to the level that you want to get to beforehand for relic purposes. Max out your cash so that you can max out everything else.

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