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Tap Titans 2- Ultimate Guide: Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies (Page 4)

18: If you are going to make an in-app purchase for diamonds, check for special offers in the store before just making one of the standard diamond purchases. Often there will be limited-time offers featuring discounted diamonds, other perks such as equipment or pets, or even Tap Titans merchandise that you can get for free when you make a specific purchase.

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19: If you run your own clan and want to reward your clan members for their loyalty, go to the store and purchase the clan crate for 500 diamonds. Do this and you will get a crate of gold worth about 150% of what a Make it Rain is worth, and all of your clan members will get the exact same crate. Join a clan with some wealthier players for a better chance at getting one of these.

20: Participate in every single tournament that you possibly can. If you enter a tournament, you will be able to prestige immediately even if your Sword Master is not at level 600 yet. Your goal in the tournament is to reach the highest stage possible by the end of the tournament time, so be careful about prestiging mid-tournament. If you do prestige, do everything you can to get back up to a high stage before the tournament time ends.

Bonus tip 1: Even if you can prestige before level 600 when beginning a tournament, try to hold off and begin as late as you possibly can so that you can rack up the most relics, thereby allowing you to get as many artifacts and artifact upgrades as possible.

Bonus tip 2: Buying artifacts becomes more and more expensive with each purchase of a new artifact. Be sure to also use your relics to buy artifact upgrades. Each upgrade doubles the boost of the artifact, so focus on your best artifacts with the most artifact damage first.

Bonus tip 3: Tap on every single one of the fairy bonuses you get, because they can be anything from a small coin bonus to a video coin bonus (a big one) or even a free Make It Rain or one other perk. There is also an option to disable the fairy bonuses in the settings menu, but NEVER enable this option. There is no benefit to disabling the fairy bonuses.

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