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Tap Titans 2 – Free Diamonds Guide: How To Load Up On Free Diamonds

Tap Titans 2 is the sequel to the original smash hit tapper PRG that more or less kicked off the entire genre, and while there are large differences between the first and the second game, there are also many similarities, one of which is the multi-currency system. The premium currency in the game is diamonds, which will allow you to buy chests in the store, new pet eggs, and perks such as Make It Rain, among other goodies. Read on for some tips on how to load up on free diamonds in Tap Titans 2!

The main way to earn free diamonds in this game is to complete the achievements. The achievements menu can be found above where the Sword Master upgrade area is. Go here to see what you have to do to complete each achievement, and if there is a number next to the Achievements button, that means that you have a complete one and you can collect the rewards now.

Head to the store area and there will be multiple Free Diamond buttons. One of them will give you 50 for liking the game on Facebook and one will give you 50 for following the game on Twitter, for example. Once you are done doing that, go to the settings menu and hit the account button. One option will give you 50 diamonds and Facebook integration will give you 100 diamonds, instantly. You can only pick one or the other.

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Tap on each of the reward fairies that you see pop up on the screen. Many of them will give you diamonds for free. Some of them will give you an instant one diamond, while other ones will give you an instant five diamonds in exchange for watching an advertisement video. When the video ends, the diamonds can be collected.

Enter as many of the tournaments as you can whenever the tournament button pops up. The higher that you place in each of the tournaments, the larger your reward will be for each tournament time. If you end up in first place, you will win 150 diamonds. Even if you place real low in the rankings you will still win a good number of diamonds.

Make sure that you put your diamonds to wise use when you do earn them. Head to the store and look out for the pet that best suits your needs, such as a tap damage pet for the more active players out there, or one that increases your gold intake.