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Tap Titans: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies, Page 5

5) Use the batch upgrades to skip over the required skill upgrades as well.
While the skill upgrades are effective, if you want to skip over them, for example in order to facilitate unlocking an achievement for upgrading skills more quickly and more cheaply, use the batch upgrades and you can skip over any of the skill upgrades. You can always go back and upgrade them later; the skill upgrade will be listed in the right button where they are usually listed for a specific slot in the DPS upgrade menu.

4) Don’t forget about other skills besides the damage multiplier for a specific warrior.
An upgrade to all damage done will do a massive amount of good for both DPS and tap damage quantities. Go back to your old weaker warriors and look at their skills and many of them will have this listed. Upgrade until you hit that skill. You can also upgrade the amount of gold earned of her monster or the amount of damage and gold associated specifically with bosses.

3) Another way to speed through the skill cool downs or get your character back right away after they get killed.
If you want to do either of these things you may spend diamonds in order to do so. It cost half as much diamonds to revive a character right after they have been killed as opposed to later on. As far as the cool downs ago, the longer it takes to cool down every skill combined, the more diamonds it will cost.

2) Don’t forget about the other power ups that you can purchase with diamonds.
You can protect your heroes from getting killed for 24 hours. Also, If you purchase the Grim Reaper upgrade for 50 diamonds, you will instantly cut a monsters hit points in half. This one is useful if you have diamonds to blow and are fighting against a very tough boss. Although if you have 100 diamonds, it’s usually more useful just to purchase the Make it Rain upgrade and skyrocket your DPS with smart upgrades.

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1) Make the most out of your prestiges.
After you prestige the game will go by much more quickly due to the amount of bonuses that you derive from the artifacts. Prestige as often as possible because every time that you do, the game will go by more quickly, and if you prestige a large number of times and Ernie a ton of artifacts, this is your way of getting to you insanely high levels, such as 1000 or above.

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