I Am Monster: Idle Destruction – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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I Am Monster: Idle Destruction is PikPok’s newest and most unique idle game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to use a team of monsters to destroy the city and smash up enemies from the police and military who are trying to destroy you. You can collect energy, ultra energy, DNA, crystals, and all sorts of other goodies, as well as unlock new monsters. Read on for some tips, tricks, cheats, strategies, hacks, and hints for I Am Monster: Idle Destruction!

Your main skills to upgrade are max health, attack power, and skill damage, which all can be upgraded using the energy that you collect from enemies. As you upgrade to certain specific levels (50, 100, etc.), new squad upgrades will open up, which can then be purchased using ultra energy. Buy all of the squad upgrades that you can, but especially attack ones since they impact both your offline income and your boss battles.

If you’re not at a ridiculously high level, save your skills so that you can use them against the boss when you get to a boss battle. However, the game changes if you stay offline for a really long period of time and get millions of idle energy. If that happens, use almost all of your energy on your idle and attack. When they get so strong, you won’t even need the skills for a long time to come. But if this isn’t your situation, save your skills, use them, then (if you have more than one monster) switch monsters and use their skills, too.

Once you hit a certain point in the game, you can activate the Apocalypse, which is this game’s prestige mode. The first Apocalypse can be triggered once you complete district 30, and once you complete eight missions. Future Apocalypses will have different completion standards. Once you trigger it, you start back from the beginning but you earn Apocalypse Points, which are (initially) worth a 1% multiplier apiece, as well as Berserk Candy.

Once you have enough Apocalypse Points, you can then use them to buy boosts, such as triple energy generation, double attack damage, etc. Be careful that you don’t spend too many Apocalypse Points though because when you spend them, their multiplier bonus will be lost, so make sure you have at least triple the amount that you want to spend.

Head to the Monsters section of the menu area to upgrade your monster using either XP Snacks or DNA crafting. You can upgrade your monster to the level of your infamy, maximum, so if your infamy level is 4, then your monsters’ maximum level will be 4 as well. Plus you can use skill points (represented by the green beaker) to work your way up a monster’s skill tree, unlocking better and better skills to use in battle.

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