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Smashy City: Tricks and Cheats – Tips and Strategies to Maximize Destruction of the City

Smashy City is the smash hit new iOS and Android game where you play as a giant monster, and your goal is to do as much damage as possible to the city before you get shot down. You can collect coins, unlock new monsters and find even crazier ways to demolish the city with these tips and strategies.

There are tow different scoring metrics in this game. The money refers to the monetary amount of destruction that you’ve done to the city. This is the score that is tracked for high-score purposes. The stars pop up at the top of the screen as you survive for longer periods of time. The more stars are showing at the top of the screen, the more different soldiers will come shooting at you (helicopters, tanks etc).

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The larger the building, the harder it will be to destroy and the more money you’ll earn when you do destroy it. One strategic building to destroy is the giant propane tank, which is in the middle of four buildings. Smash it epsecially when you have a lot of troops on your tail; the blast will knock a chunk of them out, and also earn you a lot of destruction cash.

Coins are the currency that you use in this game to purchase new characters. A quick and easy way to get more coins is to watch the video ads as they are offered, and of course to claim any free gift that you get. Go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead in order to speed up the free-gift timer. You can do this time cheat as many times as you want to.

Rampage makes you invincible, so it makes just as much sense to use it to destroy troops as it does to use it to destroy buildings. If you’re using it for the latter purpose, save it until you are close to a cluster of large buildings that are normally hard to destroy. For the former purpose, wait until you are surrounded by tanks and then smash all of them with the rampage invincibility.

If you need to avoid getting shot, going in between buildings can temporarily deflect the fire. The tanks will destroy the buildings eventually, but use them for cover if you need to evade and get away, or simply find a path to destroy enemy tanks with minimal damage done to your monster.