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Airport City and Airport City HD iPhone, iPad and Android Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Airport City is an airport and construction management game that first came out around a year ago for Facebook, and is now out, in improved form, on the iPhone and the iPod touch! In this game you get to run your own city, half or so of which is taken up by your airport and it’s associated buildings. You get to engage in flights all over the place. You can even get houses and businesses for your residents to live and shop at! Read on for tips and tricks for the iPhone version of Airport City!

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Early on, the game has a pretty quick pace, but it doesn’t take long before the pace really slows down, especially as you start flying longer flights from your town. To speed up your flights, take the time that is going to take the longest to complete, and set your iPhone ahead by that time.

To do this, go to the main menu on your phone, to the settings, then to the date and time, and set the time forward by at least the length of the longest flight. Then go back to the game and it will be ready to collect from.

The same trick works for regenerating fuel and for being able to collect money and passengers from houses much more quickly, as well as speeding up construction on any building that is either currently being built or currently bring upgraded.

You can delete some of your streets if you run out of room to place buildings. A house or a business needs to be next to only one square of road in order to be useable, so you don’t need to string a long road together unless you want to for aesthetic purposes. As for power plants, they don’t even need to be next to a road to work, so don’t bother putting them next to one. Put them in a corner that is as far away from the nearest street as possible.

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