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Guide to Flight Tycoon for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Flight Tycoon is a new airport building simulator for the iPhone and the iPad. Much like other airport/city building simulators such as Airport City, your goal is to build the biggest, most aweosme airport loaded with the best planes and businesses that money can buy, but of course, it’s never an easy task to do. You also load up your city with businesses and decorations, and expand your airport to make room for as many of them as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flight Tycoon for iOS!

When you are unlocking aprons at the airport, they normally take two hours to finish, but if you boost them before you hit level 5, then the boost will be free. Keep this in mind and use the boost finisher on every single one of the aprons before you hit level 5 in order to get every single apron at the same time, for free.

Go to the friend tab, and then the crowds tab inside of that, and then add multiple people of every single cloud score (cloud score, of course, being the distance a friend is from your airport). You will have multiple airplanes that have different cloud scores (and thus fly longer but earn you more money) so having friends of these cloud scores will allow you to send your planes to their airports, rather than getting stuck sending a 2-cloud plane to a 1-cloud airport.

If the game starts to mess with your cash numbers, your oil, or any of your other resources, shut down the app, then restart the app (especially in a place where you have a better connection) and the game should begin working correctly again.

To make it easy to collect a ton of coins and advance, instead of spending all of your coins on planes, spend it all on businesses to put on the lower left side of your airport, and use your expansions for that area too.