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Pocket Planes for iPhone and Android: How to get more airports and experience points

In Pocket Planes, it can sometimes seem like it takes forever to get both experience points and to get more airports. Experience points are needed in order to gain levels, and gaining levels can not only unlock an new airplane to build and give you some free bux, but your level is also equal to the amount of airports that you can own at one time. Read on to find out how to get more experience points, faster, and how to get more airports.

Experience points are given out each time you complete a flight. The number of experience points that you earn depends entirely on how many coins you earn for delivering said passenger. For example, if you earn 500 coins for dropping off one passenger, you will get 500 experience points. Each Bux that you earn from a premium passenger is worth 500 experience points, so premium passengers can potentially level you up the quickest. You can check on how many experience points you need for the next level by going to the stats page.

The speedy way to earn experience points, of course, is to have more airplanes, especially ones which carry multiple passengers, and to use those airplanes to max capacity. Also, the further you fly a passenger or a piece of cargo, the better, and if you take multiple passengers or cargo to the same location (every seat on your flight has to be filled by people and cargo going to the same place), you will get a 25% bonus for each of them, which also translates into experience points.

To get more airports, obviously, you have to gain levels to open more airport slots. However, to get another airport without gaining a level, close an airport to make room. Close and airport that you might find to be redundant or unnecessary, even close out an expensive, big airport and open a smaller one instead to make a bunch of money instantly. (you earn half the original cost of the airport when you close it, plus extra if you have upgraded it)