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Guide to Pocket Planes for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Pocket Planes tips and tricks guide. Click here to return to part 1 of the Pocket Planes guide. Or move forward to part 3 of the guide.

One of the best uses for your Bux is to upgrade the fuel capacity of your planes, especially the capacity of your slower planes with low range. Doing this can not only allow you to make a bigger profit, but to fly off to far away airports with minimal waypoints. However, if you have a heavy aircraft that carries lots of people with a lot of range, but uses so much fuel that it eats into profits, upgrade by adding Carbon Fiber to your aircraft. This causes it to use less fuel on the flight, which significantly increases your profits.

When you go to the shop tab to try to find new aircraft parts to complete various aircraft that you already have parts for, but you don’t find anything you like, look at how much time the shop has left until it refreshes. Normally, it should be something like 5 minutes, but if you are impatient and don’t want to wait that long, simply go to the phone or tablet’s settings and set the time on your device ahead by 5 minutes (or however much time is left until the shop refreshes), and then shop again. Repeat as many times as you need to in order to complete one aircraft.

Do the same thing if you are not happy with the jobs that are offered to one of your planes. New jobs are added and removed every so often, so if you (for example) have an aircraft that holds 8 people, but only 3 at the airport, load them up, go and set your time 5 or 10 minutes ahead, then reopen the game and add the new people to the flight who have popped up.

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Keep busy and keep your profit margins high by buying multiple cheap airports that are very close together. One of the best places to do this at is in the Australia area, but there are many places to do this, depending on where you started the game. Airports with somewhere between 0.0m and 1.0m people are your best bet to keep it cost effective. You can always upgrade them later in order to increase the amount of people and cargo flying to and from said airport.

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