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Guide to Big Win Soccer: Tips, tricks, cheat, hints and strategies, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Big Win Soccer tips and tricks guide. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Big Win Soccer tips and tricks guide.

To load up on the big impact cards for cheap (assuming you aren’t trying to buy more players, and are happy with the ones you currently have), load up on the bronze packs, and use their big impact cards to full effect in your soccer matches. A full accompaniment of big impact cards can often mean the difference between a win or a loss, especially against a higher level player with more rank than you. Sometimes, they don’t even use their own big impact cards, so they put themselves at an automatic disadvantage this way, and you at an automatic advantage.

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Bronze packs also contain lots of permanent stat boosters, and often, using these stat boosters on your bronze players is even more expeditious than saving up for a silver card pack that may or may not earn you better, more upgraded players.

Your average rating is the average of all of your players’ ratings, so to increase your team rating, simply increase your player’s ratings. This can be done via the stat boosters, as noted above, or by replacing players with higher-ranked players.

Get your 10 free bucks by connecting Big Win Soccer to your Twitter of your Facebook, by clicking on the “free bucks” panel and choosing one of the two bottom options. If you don’t want to connect them to your real Facebook or Twitter, simply register new accounts on both of those sites that are connected to nobody in particular, and use them as your connection accounts.

After you get those ten free bucks, spend it on a gold pack, which costs 10 bucks to buy. Even just getting ONE gold player will help your chances to win dramatically, even without using booster cards. Plus, there is always a chance that a platinum player could come from a gold pack.