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Guide to Big Win Baseball: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

From Hothead Games, the makers of Big Win Soccer and Big Win Hockey, comes the new Big Win Baseball, a smash hit card-battling baseball game for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Build your team up from a crappy little amateur franchise to a major league powerhouse by improving your player cards, improving the statistics of your pre-existing cards, and using power up cards to your full advantage. In the meantime though, nobody wants to lose all the time, so read on for some good tips and tricks to improve your team!

Early on in the game, when you are trying to improve your team, take the unusual step of throwing your games in quick game mode. Your team win-loss record will suffer, but in this game, it’s very easily recoverable. Intentionally refuse to play any big impact cards. In the daily pennant, you get paired against another team based upon your levels, so the reason for throwing games is so that you can still earn coins, but not earn fans, so that you can buy better card packs early on, and get the strongest team there is for your level.

If you are playing a whole bunch of games, and somehow you find that you have run out of energy (it’s that little bar in the lower left corner), click out of the game, go to your device’s time settings, and set the time ahead by just a little bit – half an hour to an hour or a so. Now, go back to the game, and you will have a good chunk of your energy back.

The number of big impact cards that you should use per match depends on two things: the color of the card (bronze, silver, gold or platinum, of course) and the type of card that it is. For example, if it is a card that will affect all of your players or all of your opposing team’s player (I.E. something to do with pitching or fielding and throwing), then you can get away with using less of one card than if you used a small impact card, such as one that helps close plays go your way more often. And if you are using a silver card against a player who is using three bronze cards (or even better, if you are using a gold card) you can VERY easily get away with only one.

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