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Big Win Baseball for iPhone, Android and iPad: How to get free Big Bucks

Big Win Baseball is the brand new mobile strategy card battle game, that just happens to involve baseball. You build a team from worst to first by buying first bronze cards, then silver cards, then gold and finally platinum. Until you get enough big bucks to spend, though, your team is typically stuck at a certain point, and normally, you have to spend money for Big Bucks at the app store. However, there are ways to get a lot of big bucks. Read on to find out how to get far more Big Bucks for free!

The main way to get big bucks is to take the free offers for big bucks. The way to get to the free big bucks is first, to click the “big bucks” icon in the upper right corner, then to click the option that says to get free big bucks. Or just skip that and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the “get free big bucks” button. You’ll be presented with a list of offers. Take any of the free offers you want and then you will get the bucks awarded to you when you go back to the game screen.

Even better, take the “sign up for TapJoy” free offer and once you sign up, log into TapJoy in your browser and a LOT more free offers will appear which pay large amount of big bucks for taking them, such as downloading other free games to earn more bucks. Take any one of these offers to earn even more big bucks.

When you gain a level, as well, you will earn one big buck as a reward. This goes for every single level that you gain in the game.

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Also, when you place on the Daily Pennant, you’ll win a number of Big Bucks as part of your reward. You have to place anywhere between first and fifth place, but by placing first or second, or even third, you can win a LOT of big bucks, more than enough to buy more cards and get even higher scores on the next daily pennant.