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Big Win Racing: How to get more silver, gold, platinum and superstar cards

Big Win Racing is the latest in the ever popular franchise of sports themed card battling games by Hothead Games. In this game your goal is to put together the best set of team members, which includes a driver, parts for your car, and crewmembers in the pit. With all of these factors combined, you can become top racer and win the challenges, of which there are quite a few. There are five classes of cards. Bronze cards are the most common and least powerful, with silver and then gold cards being the next two classes up. Platinum cards are the rarest and the most powerful out of all of them, at least until the rare times when superstar cards become available. Read on to find out how to get more silver, gold, and platinum cards!

Silver cards are surprisingly easy to get; however, they are still more difficult to find than bronze. You can get silver cards from bronze card packs, although they don’t pop up all that often. To get guaranteed silver cards, buy the silver packs. Silver packs cost 1000 coins apiece, making them the most expensive pack that you can buy without having to use big bucks.

The gold card pack features gold cards at a minimum, with a slim chance at platinum cards. Silver card packs give you a chance at gold, although don’t come across them all that often. Cards can be completely random in all of the colored card packs; you can earn team member cards, sponsor cards, big impact, skill boost, or renewals. You have to start spending more on card packs if you want to specify the cards that you want, especially team member cards.

The big team card pack is the one that you want to purchase if you want to only earn parts, drivers, and team members. However, this will obviously be the most expensive one. The big impact card pack, the big renewal pack, big sponsor pack and big boost are cheaper than the big team; however, they will still cost you plenty of big bucks.

One limited edition card back that isn’t always available is the big rush card pack. This pack will have a chance of earning you better than gold or platinum cards. Stay on the lookout for it to go on sale, because when it does, you will have a shot at earning a superstar driver, part, or pit crew member, which are more rare and more powerful than even the platinum cards are.