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Big Win Racing – How to get free coins and big bucks

Big Win Racing is the latest in the Big Win franchise by Hothead Games, which has contributed no less than seven different sports-related card battling games to the iOS and Android app stores. Your goal is to turn your racing team from a cut-rate minor league team to the top stock car racing team there is. Big Bucks are the premium currency in the game, while Coins are the primary currency. Both are used to buy car parts and hire team members, among other things, but Big Bucks buy better ones than coins do. Read on to find out how to get more of both for free!

Your main way to earn coins is, of course, to race in the championships, among others. If you finish in the top three positions, you will earn more coins; otherwise, you will earn fifty coins per race. You’ll also gain fans, which will go towards experience levels; each time you gain a level, you will earn free big bucks as a bonus.

Check out the achievements tab for more ways to earn free Big Bucks. When you’re choosing your championship cup, you’ll see the tab pop up at the bottom of the screen. Tap the tab and you will see all kinds of achievements, as well as the requirements to complete each one. When you do complete them, you will automatically earn the reward bucks.

Go to the “get free coins” button in the upper right corner of the screen for many opportunities to get both free coins and free Big Bucks. Watch advertisement ads for coins, or complete offers on the Tapjoy offer wall for Big Bucks. You can trade one big buck for 300 coins, or 1,200 coins for one Big Buck. Plus, you can like the game on Facebook or sell cards that you don’t want.

Check out the event tab whenever there is anything to complete, as placing high in an event can earn you massive amounts of big bucks – tens of thousands are possible for whoever gets first place in an event. Plus, if you win all four of the cup rounds, you will earn a huge big buck bonus.