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Big Win NHL Hockey: Get Free Coins and Big Bucks

Big Win NHL Hockey is a new sports-themed card battle game featuring real NHL hockey players, as well as real hockey teams. You can play in a full season, improving your team along the way and as your team gets stronger and stronger, you can even end up with a chance at winning the Stanley Cup! Coins are the primary currency of the game, while big bucks are the premium currency of the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both for free!

A good, convenient way to get more coins (without harming your regular season record) is to play plenty of quick games in a row. Each quick game that you play will not count towards anything, but you can earn coins – more if you win than if you lose, but you’ll earn some no matter what the outcome of the game is.

An easy way to get free coins is to go to the store tab, and start watching videos for free coins. Each video earns around 300 free coins. Eventually, the videos are going to run out, but once the videos run out, just wait a minute or two, or close the app and then open it back up, and then go back to the video watching screen and start watching again.

You can get free Big Bucks every time you level up – one per experience level. Experience levels are controlled by how many fans you have, and winning will earn you fans faster than losing. “Fans” work like experience points, essentially. Once your fans bar fills up to the top, you will gain a level, thus gaining a big buck.

Season mode will give you MANY chances at earning Big Bucks. You get 25 for winning 10 season games, 50 for winning 20 games, 100 Big Bucks for winning 40 games and 500 Big Bucks for going undefeated. Get to the playoffs in season mode, and you will have even more chances to earn 100 big bucks at a time.

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You can earn 50 Big Bucks by linking the game up to Facebook and 5 Big Bucks by liking the game on Facebook. You can earn plenty more Big Bucks by completing free offers on the TapJoy offer wall that is linked from the in game store. Also, when a new event pops up in the Event mode (they aren’t always active), then participate in it for the chance to win large Big Bucks rewards.