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Hockey Stars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Hockey Stars is a new player-vs-player air hockey game for the iOS and Android platforms. You can trade turns with other players, your friends on the same phone, or even play offline for practice, earning coins and cash along the way. You can play against people in various tournament in order to win coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hockey Stars!

If you have had a bad run and have run out of all of your coins, don’t worry because you’ll never have to stop playing. Go to the main menu, then hit the “Free coins Collect Now!” button to pop up a list of free coin options. You have timed rewards, as well as the ability to watch videos for free coins, and to get onto Tapjoy and complete offers for free coin rewards.

You can also earn free cash rewards. Simply hit the plus sign next to the cash counter and then go to the top left option that says “Free Cash with Offers” and the Tapjoy menu will pop up a list of offers that you can complete for cash. Cash, the premium currency of the game, is used for purchasing almost all of the goodies in the store.

Hit the shop area and you can purchase new teams and new formations. The new formations will allow you to arrange your team differently to begin the game. New teams change the appearance of your players, and they possess different stats as well, making a difference in how easily you can control the puck, and how far you can shoot it.

When you’re playing the game itself, you have two things that you can target: either the puck, or rival characters. Don’t leave your goal undefended or it will be easy for the other player to score. As much as you want to keep the puck out of their hands, sometimes it will end up there, so you’ll want to knock characters away from the puck so that they cannot easily make a shot.

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If you have a shot, aim very carefully. You’ll most commonly end up holding the puck when your rival tries to shoot a goal and the goalie catches the puck. If possible and if necessary, get all of your other characters out of the way so that you have a clear shot. Bounce the puck off of the wall if you need to, and then fire it for a quick and easy goal.