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Soccer Stars – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Soccer Stars is a new top-down mini game by Miniclip for browsers, iPhone and iPad. It’s best thought of as a cross between soccer and air hockey. You have five “stars” on the screen at the same time, and your goal is simply to score the required amount of times before your opponent does. You can even enter tournaments and play minigames as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Soccer Stars!

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Right from the beginning, you can score one point with one shot – you just have to time it right, and it requires a LOT of luck and the right rival formation to pull it off. This is much easier to do if you and your opponent have two different formations, and theirs leaves a gap in the middle. Fire a ball right through this gap in the middle for an easy point. And if it’s the other way around and you have a gap, close it before you do anything else.

Close gaps, as mentioned above. Play good defense, and don’t take all of your pieces away in order to focus on offense, as tempting as it might be to do so. You still need to have some stars blocking off everything that’s in front of you. Knock opponents’ stars out of position and into spots where they can’t put a good shot on the ball.

The more experience levels you gain, the stuff that you’ll end up unlocking. You’ll unlock more teams such as Brazil (including Nigeria, South Africa, Russia and Korea). To unlock them early, you will have to pay a fee in gold coins. Just play and try to win instead, and you’ll earn silver coins much more quickly… if you win. However, if you lose, you will that initial wager, which is exactly half of what the winnings are. The higher the team/stadium that you unlocked, the more the winnings and the wager will both be.

There is another way to get free coins in Soccer Stars if you run out of coins. Go back to the main menu and go to the button in the upper left hand corner of the screen that says “free coins” and tap it. You can either watch an advertisement video to earn some free coins or you can connect the game to Facebook, play against your friends, and do it that way.

If none of your other Facebook friends play Soccer Stars, then find people who do. They can typically be found in the comments section of this article, App Store review pages, Facebook groups for miniclip or for this game, and in many other “add me” sources.