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Kind of Soccer 2018: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Kind of Soccer 2018 is the latest iteration of the browser game series Kind of Soccer, which is like soccer, but not like soccer all the same. Your goal is to knock out as many referees as you can. Your goal is to get the highest score that you can, and discover new fields and new opponents. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kind of Soccer 2018!

At first, the refs will be easy to hit. All that you have to do is kick the ball at them, hit them, and you will get a point. Once you get further into the game, they’ll start hiding behind other players. In this case, you have to kick the ball to your teammates, and then have your teammates kick the ball at the refs.

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The refs will start to move more and more as you pass to your teammates. To combat this, you have to kick more quickly so that the refs don’t run behind other players. Have your aim for the next player in mind even before you pass the ball over to them. If you fail to kick it to the next player in time and the ref hides again, keep kicking it to other players until one eventually has a clean shot on the ref.

You can sometimes bounce the ball off of the wall, but be careful with this because it won’t always work out in your favor. If you bounce the ball off of the wall and it doesn’t go to one of your teammates or hit the ref, you lose the point and your opponent gets the point. But if you bounce the ball off of the wall and your teammate gets it or the ref gets hit, you’re still in the game.

Watch out for the opposing team. When a player holds the ball for awhile and an opposing player gets to them, they’ll steal the ball and score a point. If you accidentally pass the ball to an opposing player, they’ll get the point. As you advance to more and more levels, more opposing players will pop up.

Make sure to collect all of the extras that you find on the level. The little gold coins will give you more experience points when you earn them. Collect all of the letters that you see when they pop up, as you’ll get a huge bonus when you complete the entire list.


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